Made in Mexico

Playing shows in Austria this year with our full, electric configuration of the band means that we need to take a bass guitar and a six string that is versatile enough to play a wide range of material. Insuring instruments is easy enough, but insurance doesn’t prevent an airplane from backing over a guitar case that’s made its way onto the runway. We needed great sounding instruments, but didn’t want to take guitars that we’ve been playing for years, and to which we have a deep emotional connection. After we upgraded tuners and put in some Seymour Duncan pickups, we found that these Made in Mexico Fender guitars play and sound as great as their American made counterparts. These guitars were intended only for traveling, but Kelsey has already recorded two new songs with her MIM bass, and both instruments have felt great at rehearsals. These will quickly be added to the list of instruments that we’d like to keep out from under the wheels of an airplane.